The JEDC continues its commitment to creating a fertile economic development climate for Jacksboro and Jack County through its most recent agreement with TEEX. On August 13, 2012, the JEDC entered into an agreement with TEEX for strategic planning services which included economic development training for the JEDC members, city/county officials and other community leaders.

Agreed objectives were to:

1. Increase local understanding of economic development through Economic Development Training for nonEconomic Development Professionals

2. Develop an updated Jacksboro EDC Strategic Plan with a focus on economic development – economic diversification, identification of industry clusters, and Business Retention and Expansion.

3. Enhance existing awareness of and access to federal and state resources.

Twentyeight participants provided input during the Visioning Session, sharing their insights into Jacksboro’s best assets and opportunities for the future. The JEDC invited community stakeholders (business and educational leaders, city and county officials, land owners/citizens, high school students) to represent the community at the meeting in order to identify the competitive advantage Jacksboro offers businesses and to identify types of businesses that are missing in the community. The complete findings and recommendations of this effort were presented in the completed Economic Development Strategic Plan.